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May 2020
Sixways Stadium, Worcester

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2018 timetable:

DAY 1: Tuesday 26th June 2018

0830 Registration  
0900 Welcome Kirti Moholkar
  SESSION 1: Old and the new in TKR surgery  
0910 Is new always better in TKA surgery? Chit Ranawat
0920 AGC vs Vanguard results Francesco Benazzo
0930 Anatomical medial pivot vs Evolution Kirti Moholkar
0940 Factors of residual pain after uncomplicated TKA Francesco Benazzo
0950 Achieving consistently high PROMS following TKR Sudheer Karlakki
1010 Discussion  
1030 Coffee  
  SESSION 2: Techniques in knee surgery (quick-fire presentations)  
1100 LIA Injection Kirti Moholkar
1105 Bone marrow D-MAC stem cell preparation Amit Chandrateya
1110 Saphenous nerve block Raj Gowni
1115 Pie crusting for valgus knee correction Chit Ranawat
  SESSION 3: The new and the wonderful in knee replacement surgery  
1120 Day case knee replacement surgery Nanne Kort
1130 Robotics and TKR Dinesh Nathwani
1140 Custom made knee replacements is state of the art Michel Bonnin
1150 Endoprosthesis for complex knee defects Michael Parry
1200 Discussion  
1230 Lunch  
  4 x 55 minute sessions on rotation basis  
  Navio TKR Dinesh Nathwani
  Combined UKR & PFJ replacement Francesco Benazzo
1520-1540 Tea  
  UKR revision to TKR problems Michel Bonnin
  Endoprosthesis for complex knee defects Michael Parry
  Clinical examination & treatment pathways: 30-35 minutes at each workshop  
  Knee Kirti Moholkar
  Back Andrew Emms
  Shoulder Margaret Rees
1520-1540 Tea  
1540-1630 Rehabilitation of complex knee, within challenging populations Claire Coltman
1630-1730 Corrective Bracing Didi Omiyi
1730 Drinks reception  
1815 Depart by coach for dinner  
2130-2200 Return by coach to Sixways Stadium  

DAY 2: Wednesday 27th June 2018

  SESSION 1: Nuances in Knee surgery  
0900 PFC vs Attune results Peter James
0910 Bone marrow stem cells and early results Amit Chandrateya
0920 Stem cells in knee surgery Francesco Benazzo
0930 MPFL using artificial ligaments Chris Bailey
0940 Corrective nail and osteotomy Matt Dawson
0950 Upright MRI scan for the knee Anish Patel
1000 Soft tissue balancing – Key to success in knee replacement surgery Kirti Moholkar
1010 Discussion  
1040 Coffee  
  SESSION 2: Techniques in knee surgery  
1110 How do I do soft tissue balancing Chit Ranawat
1120 Saphenous nerve block Raj Gowni
1130 Trivector approach Francesco Benazzo
1140 Discussion  
  SESSION 3: Traumatic Lesions  
1155 Outcomes proof: HTO better than UKR Raghbir Khakha
1205 Early results of all inside ACL reconstruction Duncan Learmonth
1215 Meniscal transplant and early results Peter Thompson
1225 Discussion  
1240 Developing a champion mindset Jenna Downing - World Champion Inline Skater
1315 Lunch  
  3 x 40 min sessions on rotation basis  
  Enhanced recovery Raj Gowni and Kirti Moholkar
  Sizing and balancing Chit Ranawat
  PRP & stem cell therapy and its Indications Amit Chandrateya
1600 Guest Lecture - My lifetime achievement in knee surgery Chit Ranawat
1630 Close  

Subject to change.